High temperature controller chronometer

High temperature controller chronometer

Model No.︰CH-FD125

Brand Name︰CH-FD125

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

Model: CH - FD125

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The temperature controller SCR adopt Taiwan ZEROSPAN no.1 brand of SCR model, F type - sitzerlan control
F: digital precision adjustment Type - and enclose FUSE FUSE, radiator overtemperature protection, cooling fan,

K - Type: F - Type + Thyristor (Thyristor) play wear, FUSE (FUSE, Heater (heating) FUSE), over-current, break low current detection and alarm relay contact output,

V: F Type - Type - Type + + K - the current, voltage feedback, unbalanced three-phase detection.


Electric power meter pointer type (optional), LED digital display
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